November Meeting - Cancelled

ARMA-OKC will be taking a meeting break this November!

In its place, please consider the following monthly meeting alternative:

Contoural Information Governance Webinar Series for RIM Professionals
Office 365 Building Blocks and Strategies – 11/19/19 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

December 2019 ARMA-OKC Community Service Project
ARMA-OKC will return in December with its annual community service project for our wonderful friends at Positive Tomorrows!

Please bring an unwrapped gift or two to our December meeting (Thursday, Dec. 12th)! These donations allow family members to shop for each other during the Holiday Season! 
More details next month!

Positive Tomorrows began in 1989 as a collaborative effort of community organizations that recognized the educational needs of homeless children were not being met.  Founding partners included Oklahoma City Public Schools, the State Department of Education, CampFire USA, Neighborhood Services Organization and the YWCA. As an affiliate of the OKC Public School System, our purpose was to help homeless  families collect needed documentation to enroll their children into a public school.  From our founding  until 2006, that was what we did.  Then, a change in the Federal Grant guidelines  caused us to become ineligible for government funding. While many of our students still came from the OKC Public Schools, we were no longer formally affiliated.  Today, Positive Tomorrows is a private, tuition-free  elementary school meeting the educational needs and social service needs of homeless children and their families!

2019-2020 ARMA-OKC Meetings
Curious what ARMA-OKC has in store for the end of this year and next?

Please visit our Monthly Meetings page at for our lineup!

We have some outstanding speakers coming up such as Barbara Cross from Sony Pictures Entertainment and a February meeting dedicated to Medical Marijuana in the Workplace!

The ARMA-OKC Board

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