2020 Spring Seminar - FOCUS on IG

For the health and safety of our members and all attendees, we are cancelling the ARMA-OKC Spring Seminar on Thursday, April 16, 2020.

Additional information will be provided to paid registrants as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact amanda.lemon@oneok.com.

Thank you,
The ARMA-OKC Board

Join us on Thursday, April 16th with Jason Stearns and Kedar Thakkar in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for ARMA-OKC's 2020 Spring Seminar - FOCUS ON IG 

Seminar Date & Time: April 16, 2020 @ 8:00 AM
Registration Fee: $99.00 (Includes continential breakfast, breaks and lunch)
Seminar Contact: ARMAOKlahomaCity@gmail.com 

Speakers-- Bios and Seminar Presentations:  

Jason is the Information Governance Program Manager at Citidel. 

Prior to Citidel, he was a member of the Legal and Compliance Group at BlackRock. Mr. Stearns also worked at UBS as Director and Portfolio Manager, Group Information Governance where he was responsible for Information Governance strategy development, project management, and oversight. Prior to that, he was the Corporate Records
Manager for New York Life Insurance Company.

Mr. Stearns earned an MS in Applied Information Management from the University of Oregon and BA from Binghamton University. He is also a certified Information Governance Professional (ARMA International), Certified Information Privacy Professional – US (IAPP) and a Certified Records Manager (ICRM). 

Mr. Stearns serves as a Director on the ARMA International Board and previously served as chair of the IGP board of directors.

IG: People, Process & Technology
Information Governance depends on people, process and technology to be successful. But how we ‘manage’ people, including ourselves, is key. We will explore how we can develop the ‘art’ of compromising while staying true to ourselves and our goals.

GDPR, CCPA & Recordkeeping: Things Just Got Real
Privacy issues, including the recently enacted California Consumer Privacy Act, are in the news nearly every day. There are similarities and differences between CCPA and GDPR that need to be understood so organizations can identify actions for addressing privacy compliance. We will also examine the role of records and information management in achieving and enforcing privacy


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Kedar Thakkar is a Principal Consultant within the Governance, Risk and Compliance practice of Ricoh Enterprise Consulting Services. Kedar joined the Ricoh team in 2017 as an industry-recognized records and information management practitioner with over 9+ years of experience in a variety of non-regulated and regulated industries. Additionally, he brings in about 10 years of IT experience at various levels within the organization and across various industries.

Kedar specializes in developing robust information governance (IG) programs to identify, protect and leverage the information assets of organizations. His strong IT (development, administrative and architectural) skills brings a unique perspective to this field as we move into an era where majority of information is digital in nature.

As a records and information governance practitioner in the Oil and Gas industry, Kedar has developed, implemented and promoted the growth of IG programs, record retention schedule administration and governance committees that sustain both departmental objectives and corporate
initiatives. He has experience addressing IG compliance concerns throughout corporate transitions, including acquisitions, facility closures and information technology transformation.

Areas of expertise include the creation and improvement of essential elements
for comprehensive records and information governance programs including:
• Creating and sustaining IG Committees within organizations
• Strategic approach to IG encompassing all aspects of People, Process and Technology
• Proactive propagation of IG awareness throughout the organization
• Consolidation and Implementation of enterprise-wide IT systems related to IG

Kedar has experience in working as an in-house practitioner as well as working as an independent consultant in the field of Information Governance. This allows him to understand and implement principles of IG from both perspectives.

Kedar is both an IGP (Information Governance Professional) accredited from ARMA and a CIP (Certified Information Professional) accredited from AIIM. He has been asked to speak at various local and national level conferences organized by ARMA, Info-coalition, etc. to share his experiences in the field of Information Governance. In addition to this he continues to educate himself in the field of IG and develops new methodologies to implement IG within organizations. He publishes blogs and actively participates in various other forums to discuss IG related issues that organizations face in this current day and age.

Fundamentals of IG
Information Governance is a vast topic covering a lot of areas keeping the organization’s data/information in focus. The two main perspectives organizations look at are Business Decisions based on Information and Risks associated with Information. Fundamentally Information/Data needs to be protected, managed, shared, trusted, should have a defensible life-cycle and meet compliance requirements. As we move more towards the digital transformation we are also exploring options of automation of business processes using this same data. With this topic we will explore all of the above aspects in building an Information Governance program within any organization.

Partner with IT on IG
This topic is primarily for records and information managers who are responsible for such programs within their organization. As the balance of information shifts towards electronic, as more tools and technology are available within the organization to handle information it is almost mandatory for RIM Managers to dive deeper into the knowledge of IT. It allows them to be able to communicate better and have a seat at the table as more IT systems and technological solutions get introduced within the organization. Without this knowledge it will be difficult to be able to leverage the benefits of such technological advances and to be able to defend the RM/IG Program. This discussion will shed light on going beyond the basic understanding of IT systems, the reasons for doing it and the path to partnering with IT.

Seminar Day Agenda: 

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